Advantages of Buying Used Cars in Nepal

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Advantages of Buying Used Cars in Nepal

There are many reasons to purchase a used vehicle, and yes, this is a shameless self-promotion to get you to use our Used Car Checklist. Buying a used car can save you money, provide the same satisfaction as a new car, and provide quality transportation for many years.

1. Buying a Used Car Saves You Money

On average, used cars prices are almost 50% lower than new cars! You will be able to pay off a used car much faster, saving you financing fees.

2. Bulk of Depreciation Has Already Occurred

Consumers complain about how quickly a new car depreciates—as soon as they drive it off the lot. The value of a new vehicle can drop 11% on the drive home meaning your Rs. 50,00,000 vehicle is worth only Rs. 44,50,000 once it leaves the lot. The vehicle continues depreciation as weeks, months, and years pass. With used vehicles, the bulk of the depreciation has already occurred. Some used vehicles may even gain value

3. No Exaggerated Fees

A deal on a new car might look great, but many new vehicles have hidden or crazy fees such as shipping charges, destination fees, and “dealer preparation.” Some new car prices include hidden advertising fees that can be as high as Rs.10,000! A used car generally has no hidden fees, but you may still be charged a Service fee which can be a few thousands of rupees.

4. Lower Customization Costs

You don’t have to settle for expensive dealership add-ons when buying a used car. You may install your own at a lower cost than on a new car. What a great way to spend the money you saved when buying a used car.

5. Certified and Thoroughly Inspected

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles assure used car buyers they’re getting a quality, thoroughly inspected car that’s also a bargain. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer or other certifying authority, assuring the vehicle is high quality. Certified pre-owned vehicles often have an extended warranty, special financing and other benefits. New cars simply hold the assurance that they are new.